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Jiufeng electronics focuses on the R & D and production of I-inductors, three pin boost inductors, ring inductors, magnetic rod inductors, shielding inductors, color code inductors, chip inductors, filters and other inductors. The products cover a wide range and support customization of incoming materials and drawings. They can be OEM or independently designed and produced. All kinds of winding machines have complete automation equipment and guaranteed production capacity. The inductance test instruments of the company are equipped with digital bridge, DC bias source, resistance analyzer, withstand voltage tester, comprehensive tester, interlayer short circuit, impedance analyzer and other instruments. The product design is supported and the production quality is guaranteed. 【 MORE

Rich experience in R & D and production

Professional testing instruments such as digital bridge, DC bias source, withstand voltage tester, resistance tester, impedance analyzer, charter tester and interlayer short circuit are complete to ensure quality improvement.

Dozens of technical talents

With dozens of professional and technical talents and decades of experience, the master has absorbed professional and technical talents to build a professional inductance production customization team.

Dozens of professional equipment

It has dozens of automatic winding machines, casing machines, tin dipping machines, visual dispensing machines, automatic foot shearing machines, automatic tape braiding machines, code spraying machines, spring coil forming machines and other equipment. The delivery time is reliable, and various inductors can be customized.

Hundreds of partners

The company relies on high-quality products, excellent service attitude, advanced production technology and strict and efficient management system; Has cooperated with hundreds of customers.

I-shaped inductor The company has a professional technical team and many successful cases. Welcome to inquire: +86 13025509390