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Characteristics and functions of radial I-shaped inductor ch

2021年10月12日 already existingHuman browsing
Radial choke (LGB), also known as i-plug inductance, has the characteristics of open circuit magnetic circuit design, high rated current, small inductance attenuation and good anti-aging.
Jiufeng LGB series choke coil has complete specifications, good quality factors, high self resonance frequency, large induced current and small magnetic flux leakage.
Jiufeng LGB choke coil selection table
Choke coil, also known as choke coil, choke coil and differential mode inductor, is a coil used to limit AC current, which is divided into high-frequency choke coil and low-frequency choke coil. It adopts magnetic circuit structure design and PVC or UL heat shrinkable sleeve protection. It has the characteristics of vertical and horizontal structure, good structure, small volume, high Q value and low cost. It is suitable for notebook computers, inkjet printers, printers, display monitors, mobile phones, broadband data players and game consoles
Jiufeng LGB choke coil series complies with ROHS standard, lead-free welding technology and 100% lead-free, providing more competitive price and fast delivery service.